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Our Business – Greenscope Dairies

Dairy farming is our business

Greenscope Dairies

  • Is a service-based business that fully manages your dairy farm business throughout its life, from purchase onwards.
  • The six owners have been providing professional services to the dairy industry from more than 12 decades and have extensive ‘hands on’ experience in setting up and running profitable dairy farm businesses.
  • Their knowledge and skills have formed the basis of the Greenscope model of dairy farming.
  • Greenscope is one of the few businesses to link their Management Fee to the performance of the farm business. We are confident that our system of dairy farming is productive, profitable and sustainable – and we are willing to share the rewards and risks with clients.


A highly skilled and experienced team sets up and run a large, modern dairy farm business for their clients.

Annual operational rewards from a well-designed, well-managed farm AND Capital appreciation in the capital value of land and stock over 5-10 years .

Greenscope Dairies shortlists properties for purchase, sets up the farm (installing infrastructure, sowing pasture, buying cows) and fully manages all aspects of the farm system and business for the period of the contract.

The client owns all assets relating to the dairy farm including land, livestock and infrastructure. The purchase and cost of developing properties to full operational capacity costs $8-12 million per dairy farm.

The contract period is a minimum of 5 years in duration with a 5 year option to renew

Milestone payments are made to Greenscope Dairies during the start-up and development of farms. After 12 months of milking, Greenscope’s management fees are based on the operational returns of the business.

Greenscope Dairies Pty Ltd, ACN 169849245

  • Pauline Brightling (Managing Director)
  • Chris Hibburt
  • Peter Best
  • Matt Makin

Your investment

  • Greenscope Dairies enables clients to own modern, pasture-based dairy farms in Australia.
  • Dairy farms are the most productive of the agricultural commodities. Investment returns are generated from the farm’s:
    • Operating surplus
    • Capital growth in assets, especially land over the medium to long term
  • Investors can dairy with confidence as our highly skilled team fully manages all operational aspects of the enterprise.
    • New, modern, efficient assets designed for the next 20 years (not the last 20 years)
    • The main risks of dairy farming around feed, people and milk price are actively managed
  • You receive a 5 year commitment from us with an option to renew for another 5 yearsNo headaches: smooth management that over time consistently achieves production goals
    This service suits investors with a medium to longer term interest in dairy farming in Australia.

From Glass to Grass

Greenscope Dairies vision is to capitalise on the whole value chain by having 20,000 cows under management by 2025

Greenscope Dairies mission is to ensure every farm under management produces high quality dairy produce for manufacturing.

Investing in the Greenscope Dairies model

The Greenscope Dairies model balances risk and return for our clients.

Greenscope Model

‘Walcha’ – Case Study

Prospective investors can see the Greenscopes model in action at ‘Walcha’ – a 1000 cow dairy farm in NSW owned by Greenscope Dairies team member, Peter Notman.

Farm Development Manager, Peter Best developed Walcha from a greenfield beef-sheep property to a highly productive dairy farm in 2008 in 12 months.